Solicitors fees - what you have to pay for your solicitor including disbursements. The no sale no fee agreement can save you money if a transaction falls through

Buying and selling a house. Legal fees including solicitors fees and disbursements

Key Fact

Solicitors handle the transfer of funds and ensure the necessary documents are signed, sealed and delivered, like your new house title deeds. 


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Solicitors fees for buying and selling a house

When buying and / or selling a house most people engage a solicitor to carry out the conveyancing on their behalf. Fees can range typically from £400 - £800 plus VAT depending on the value of the property involved. For the fee you pay them the solicitor will facilitate all the checks and contractual arrangements necessary for your house purchase to succeed and / or for your sale to go through

The solicitor will charge for the legal work they carry out on your behalf. In addition the bill from the solicitor will also include an item for disbursements.

Solicitors Fees - Disbursements for conveyancing

Disbursements' are amounts that solicitors pay others on your behalf in the course of your transaction. The most common disbursements include:

Solcitors Fees - the agreement with your solicitor

Agree to a fixed price.  You don't want to end up being charged for each letter sent out and each phone call made.  This can all add up if things don't go well.

Avoid the team based approach if you are looking for a more personal experience. This is often more expensive but can save you time and stress later.

Negotiate a no sale no fee agreement if possible.  This is important if the sale breaks down half way into the negotiation and you don't want to be left with a large legal bill.