House selling costs, Hip, estate agents fees and solicitors.

Key Fact

Your solicitor does not need to live in the same town as you. They can still act on your behalf even if they live 200 miles away, so use the internet to find a good price.

How much are house selling costs?

You have decided to sell your house, so how much is it going to cost.

Your first expenses will be the Energy PErformance Certificate. It is now a legal requirement that you have a an Energy Performance Certificate which can typically cost from £75 - £125. You may find that some estate agents wrap this up in the service they offer, but make sure they are not charging you a larger fee themselves first!

Your biggest house selling cost will be the Estate Agents Fees. An Estate Agent will usually base their fees based on a percentage of the sale price. While 2% may not sound very much, on a £200,000 pound house that would be £4000, plus VAT. Typical charges range from 1 - 4% depending on how easy the Estate Agent thinks it will be to sell your property, the current state of the housing market, and local competition between Estate Agents. Shop around for the best deal.

The third element of you house selling costs are solicitors or house conveyancers fees. You can typically budget for around £400 - £800, plus disbursements and VAT. Again phone round and get several quotes.