Private House Sale and using an Estate Agent

Top Tip

If you are thinking of using an estate agent, check that their contract does not have the term "sole selling rights" (this is different from "sole agent rights"). If it does have this in, ask for it to be removed before signing. If they won't remove it and you still wish to use an agent, find another estate agent that will otherwise you will have to pay their fees even if you find your own buyer.

Selling a house privately - Private house sales

An Estate Agent will charge you a percentage of the sale value of your house in return for finding a successful buyer for you house. With fees ranging from 1 - 4 % this can mean a bill of several thousand pounds. So can you save yourself money and sell your house your self. You can but be prepared to put in a lot of hard work, and over one-in-twenty properties are now sold without an agent?

With a large proportion of people now using the internet as their primary tool when looking for a house to purchase, if you can get your house seen prominently when they are searching then you have a good chance of finding a buyer and your house selling costs will be considerably lower, with online private sales packages starting from as little as £50 plus VAT.