DIY-conveyancing is perfectly possible and can save you money.


If DIY conveyancing is not carried out properly you could find yourself involved in costly legal disputes over boundaries, discover that there is a new road planned to be built opposite your home, or even that the seller did not have the legal right to sell the home.


Do your own conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a complex and time-consuming business and very few home-buyers undertake the conveyancing themselves, for three main reasons:

If you are not put off by legal jargon and willing to deal with the large amounts of paper-work involved then it might be safe not to hire a professional conveyancer or solicitor.

However, There are some cases in which carrying out your own conveyancing is particularly inadvisable including if the property is being sold by a divorcing or separating couple or if the property is not a freehold or is unregistered.

Perhaps it may be better to get a quote from a conveyancing firm that provides services in your area after all!